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Title: The OtherSide (formally Limbo). Engine: Unreal2004. Description:  

Thangar of Orin, a sword swinging adventurer and sometimes thief looks at his surroundings in disbelief. A chaotic landscape is all around him, but more perplexing is the question of how did he get here and where is here?

Thangar searches his memory. Vague images flash into his mind. There was an alley way and a poster. The poster offered any brave adventurer 10,000 gold pieces for the rescue of Lord Curstaff’s daughter, with a 2,000 gold piece retainer just for accepting the quest.

“Aye” musses Thangar “The gold, I remember taking the gold and drinking a toast”. Thangar’s mind is tossed into the guest hall of Lord Curstaff.

“A toast to quick rescue of my daughter” Lord Curstaff holds the goblet of fine wine up high as does Thangar and the two toast in unison with a hearty “To a quick rescue!”.

“So tell me Lord, who has your daughter captive?” asks Thangar.

“Death.” Replies the Lord.

Thangar thinks he misunderstood, “Pardon me Lord the wine must be fuddling me head, I thought the Lord just said Death” Thangar gives a troubled chuckle.

Lord Curstaff gives an apologetic smile, “Indeed the wine is fuddling your mind, yet you heard properly, Death has my daughter”.

Thangar attempts to rise from his chair, but cannot.

Lord Curstaff places his wine goblet on the table then runs a hand across his hair smoothing it back. “Indeed, Death has stolen my daughter.” He gestures to the right, “My priests are protecting her body and preparing it for the return of her soul, which you will find.” He walks over to Thangar. “Do not trouble yourself with attempting to rise. The wine is poisoned and you will be dead shortly. Before you go my priests will explain to you about your quest. Worry not your gold will be waiting here for you. May your journey be safe, Sir Thangar.”

Thangar snaps out of his memory. He shouts “You killed me you bastard!” He is still surrounded by chaos. His memory still vague.

He walks aimlessly across the odd terrain; spouts of fire materialize then quickly vanish. Strange lights, sounds and creatures swirl around as if searching for something or someone. Several objects or structures fade in and out of existence, they resemble gateways or portals.

Thangar hears a whisper of voices, like an echo from some deep cavern. “Find the portal to Necropolis.” Chant the voices.

Again his mind is whirled through the dimensions and he sees his body on a marble slab. Robed priests burn incense,. In a basin of liquid Thangar sees his own reflection standing in the chaotic environment. He hears the chanting clearer now.

“Find the portal to Necropolis, find the portal to Necropolis.”

The terrain shifts under his feet. A structure not far appears. There are strange glowing glyphs moving on it. As he moves closer to it, some of the glyphs morph into common script and the word Necropolis can be read. Before the portal vanishes Thangar leaps through it.

{Changed scenes}[He finds himself on stable ground, strange ground but it is not moving. Before him is a great wood fortification like a giant wheel on its side however it is turning. Behind him are fearsome mists. He makes his way to the fortification. The gate eventually comes into his view; a guard clad in golden armor shouts out to him “Enter Necropolis a haven of Law or wander Limbo in Chaos forever, the price is a mere shred of your life to enter.”

As he passes through the gate he feels a pain run through his body as if he has lost something precious to his very existence. On the streets of Necropolis there beggars everywhere, hands out begging for shreds of life.

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