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Open Education

February 8, 2010
I believe that the time for open education is approaching the breaking seed stage. What this means is that "we" as humans will start to actually become philanthropists. Of course many will resist, because they don't see the profit in teaching or helping others for the sake of just because it is the right thing to do. But the profits are great! Not to individual bank accounts, but to a better world for all of us, with fresh ideas. I look forward to this time, even though birthing can bring a lot of pain and screaming, it only lasts a little while. I think :)

Aimless Thoughts

February 6, 2010
I wonder sometimes as to my state of mind.
Searching in corners through a tubular hall.
Wasted moments that I will never find.
Spinning aimlessly, feet grounded firm.
To what extent do I wish to be?
Who knows, I need to meet Who.

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Still looking for work!

February 4, 2010
Well in March I will have been unemployed for a year! OMG!!

If I would have just stayed home and not drove around looking for work I probably could have retired off of my fuel consumption, I really need to get a bicycle again:)

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